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Forecast for 04:00 AEST 02 Sep 2013
(18:00 UTC 01 Sep 2013)
Mon 02ndAMPM410410
Tue 03rdAMPM410410
Wed 04thAMPM410410
Thu 05thAMPM410410
Fri 06thAMPM410410
Sat 07thAMPM410410
Sun 08thAMPM410410
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Lat/Long: 40.7, 30.1

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Wave Tracker Glossary

Icon Description Explanation
Wind Direction The direction that the wind is travelling.
Swell/Wave Direction The direction that the waves are travelling.
Live Surf Cam Live Surf Cam Location of a Coastalwatch surf cam.
OffShore Virtual Buoy Offshore Virtual Buoy Is a virtual satellite observation buoy from which the forecast is generated. The data is from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
Nearshore Swell Map Animation This view shows a higher resolution look at how swells are being affected close to the shoreline. Taking into account the sea-floor shapes and depths as it rises to land.
UTC Coordinated Universal Time Is the Primary Time Standard by which the world regulates time. It is closely related to Greenwich Mean Time.
Go back to previous view Go back to previous view Returns to the previous map view.
Swell Map Graphic animation Swell Map Graphic animation Is the primary or secondary swell direction created by storms or other weather events.
Swell Period Graphic animation Swell Period Graphic animation Is the average length of time between waves.
Wind Map Graphic animation Wind Map Graphic animation Is the bulk movement of air caused by differences in pressure. It's measured by its strength and from the direction from which it is blowing.
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