Above/Below by Trent Mitchell

Trent Mitchell is one of our all-time favourite photographers, surf or none. When his photos hit paper and are bound into one beautiful hardcover book, it's like everything you love about the ocean caught in time for your coffee table. Above/Below is his second book, and a worthy follow up to the brilliant and award winning Chasing The Curve.

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Trent Mitchell
Tyler and NikKi flipping in the deep blue! The current in that channel was pretty wild. We drifted at least 1km.
Tyler and NikKi
Tyler and NikKi flipping in the deep blue! The current in that channel was pretty wild. We drifted at least 1km.
Trent Mitchell
A simple picture indeed.
Trent Mitchell
Alana Blanchard
Alana Blanchard sucked in a Fijian vortex. Taken between shooting duck dive shots for a client.
Trent Mitchell
Another image from that flight.
Trent Mitchell
Looks like a waterfall. Well its kind of is a temporary one really isn't it?
Trent Mitchell
I had to come home to Sydney to look after my mum. She had an accident. I took these pictures first light every day for 3 days in the early hrs before she woke.
Trent Mitchell
The best timed 20 minute chopper flight I have ever done. 
Trent Mitchell
5 meter swell
Above a 5 meter swell in the best 15 minutes of light. Hard to go wrong really.
Trent Mitchell
The winter energy in Hawaii is staggering. Nothing quite like it.
Trent Mitchell
Where I live
This was taken out the front of where I live. You don't have to go far to capture.
Trent Mitchell
Black and white
Black and white underwater. Simple. textural. Minimal.
Trent Mitchell
The best part about being underwater is seeing the energy from both spheres working together. You only get to see half the story above the surface.
Trent Mitchell
I just finished a master class with Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey in Sydney for 5 days. I was on my way home from the last day and took some photos to unwind.
Trent Mitchell

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